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Childrens Eyecare At Peters Opticians



Childrens Eyecare


Eye care is a lifelong journey that begins in childhood. We understand the importance of safeguarding children’s vision and eye health so we have worked hard to make our practice as family-friendly as possible.


From our testing facilities to dispensing children’s glasses, we make sure all aspects of our service are comfortable and easy for children


Eye tests are really important for children because their vision affects so much of their development. With vision loss and eye conditions often emerging in childhood it is important to catch them early on.


Our eye tests for kids are comprehensive so we screen for eye conditions, track visual development and create precise prescriptions where necessary.


Our eye tests are also completely free for children under 16 and teenagers under 19 in full-time education through the NHS.

Childrens Eye Test
Young Boy Wearing Glasses


Getting your first pair of glasses can be a challenge and even more so when you’re young.


We understand that glasses are not just a way of correcting your child’s vision but an important part of how they see themselves as well.


Our glasses come in sizes for all ages and are designed to suit a wide variety of tastes and styles. Whatever your child’s requirements, we’ll help them find glasses that they enjoy wearing. 

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