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We work closely with EyeMed to offer a corporate eyecare scheme. An EyeMed voucher entitles you to an eye examination which will include both a health assessment and spectacle refraction. You can be upgrade to an enhanced eye examination which includes an OCT scan (3D retinal imaging) and full visual fields for just £30. 

After your eye examination you will be given the option to choose spectacles from the corporate range or upgrade to one of the frames in our expertly curated collection at a discounted price. The amount of discount will depend on the scheme paid for by your employer. 

female-hands-holding-the-optical-device-for-eye-te-R68HZV2 (1).jpg

When attending your appointment for an EyeMed eye examination please bring the EyeMed code that you have been allocated. This will allow us to see your individual requirements and entitlements. 


If your workplace uses the Edenred  voucher system, please call us for further information on 01638 660107 or email


We currently only accept EyeMed and Edenred corporate eyecare vouchers. If you wish to set up a corporate Eyecare account with Peters Opticians please email

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